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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Tips for Speedy Recovery

Posted on December 20, 2017

Wisdom teeth or the last molars are the last teeth to develop in the late teens are in early adulthood. In some people, their jaws are not designed to accommodate four extra teeth that develop during your early adulthood. This inadequate space makes your emerging teeth to get trapped between the gums and makes it difficult to grow. This impacted teeth traps food particles and creates dental infection and other dental problems.

Wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne can be done at one single appointment and the results are instant. By knowing the proper aftercare procedures make the healing process go much smoother. Here are a few aftercare tips to follow that are outlined by the leading dentists in Melbourne.


The person undergoing wisdom teeth removal procedure will rest under the care and supervision of the dentist in their office immediately after the surgery until they are ready to be taken home. Also, the person should be accompanied by a friend or a family member to assist them in getting up from a lying position and help guide them if they need to walk or move around.  For the remainder of the day, they should not involve in activities such as operating vehicles, machineries or appliances.

During the First Hour after the Surgery

During the first hour after the surgery your dentist will provide you with a care package that includes after-care instructions, extra gauze and perhaps some pain relievers. Fold and place the gauze pads over the surgical site, and bite it down firmly to make sure it stays in place. Gauze pads are widely used to stop bleeding. Being changing gauze pads after an hour if only there is active bleeding.

Surgical Site

The blood will begin to clot to form a scab over the extraction site during the normal healing process. This clot takes at-least eight hours to form and hence it is advised not to disturb this area at all during this time. So, do not disturb this healing process by interfering with the blood clot through vigorous rinsing, probing the area with your fingers or attempting to clean your teeth during the first day.

Stay away from this surgical area at least for 24 hours after the removal of your wisdom teeth in Melbourne and do not disturb the stitches. Avoid using a straw, a wind instrument, whistling, cigarettes for at least 75 hours. These activities will cause enough pressure to dislodge a forming blood clot.


In your healing process, it is very important to stick to an adequate and nutritious diet. Eat any nourishing food that can be taken with comfort. Restrict your diet to liquids or pureed foods, such as creamed soups, puddings, plain yogurts, milkshakes, liquid meal replacements, etc. during the first 48 hours after the surgery. And, avoid taking in hard and small food materials such as nuts, seeds, fruits with pectin/seeds, popcorn, etc.

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