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Wisdom Teeth $225 to $375

Remove your Wisdom Teeth from $225 to $375. The Maximum price for surgical removal of 4 Wisdom Teeth $970 !


Financing and Payment Plans – Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney

Dr Pinho’s mission is to make oral surgery cost reasonable and open for everybody. No one should be left in pain with the lack of dental care. We Have Wisdom Teeth from $225 to $375 plus Payment plans and Financing options are available to you. They can be discussed during your free consultation. Financial hardship shouldn’t be a reason to ignore your dental condition and Dr Pinho strives to be as accommodating as possible.

Life shouldn’t be hard and We make things simple for you by offering affordable wisdom teeth removal. Why go abroad for oral surgery if You can be treated securely and inexpensively in Melbourne. We are proud to offer what is possibly the best fee for Wisdom Teeth in Melbourne.

Wisdom teeth melbourne

Hospital Costs and Anaesthesia

Most procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in our clinics but some cases may need to be performed under IV sedation or general anaesthetic.

Additional hospital and/or anaesthetist expenses may apply but We believe to have negotiated the best fees in Australia.
Hospital costs usually range from $550 to $950 but will vary depending on which hospital is chosen for your procedure. You may pay very little or nothing out of pocket if you’ve had private insurance for more than a year.
Anaesthesia is available with a minimum of 85% Medicare rebate but we also have some great arrangements with Anaesthetists. It may cost you even nothing out of pocket to have  4 wisdom teeth removed , however it will depend on the time length of your procedure.

What can you expect?

No fancy surgery; just good-quality dental care. In the end, that’s what really matters, right? Most dentists don’t carve themselves a niche. We chose to limit our practice so he can Keep Costs Down and Quality Up. Dr Pinho has removed over 30,000 Wisdom Teeth and placed over 2,500 Dental Implants over the past 15 Years and is proud to have an Impeccable Safety Record

We also have no waiting list. Because Dr Pinho has limited his practice to two specific fields of dentistry, he has these wisdom teeth extraction and dental implant procedures down to a fine art.

Frequently Ask Question :

Do I need to return for another appointment to remove stitches ?

No you won’t need to have them removed as the stitches used are dissolvable. Dr Pinho does recommended patients return 7-14 days post surgery to check how you are healing.

This appointment is free of charge.

You can find more information about wisdom teeth removal Here.


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