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Do’s And Don’ts To Follow After The Wisdom Teeth Removal

Posted on May 8, 2018

The third molars are the last set of teeth that grow at the back of the mouth. Their development and arrival can begin anytime during the teen years or by mid-twenties. These molars, also known as the Wisdom teeth become impacted when they have no space to break through your gum line.

If left to grow the wisdom teeth can damage the adjacent teeth and their roots. For many who are into adulthood, having their wisdom teeth removed during adolescence is the right passage to prevent further problems from occurring. The two types of impacted wisdom teeth include:

  1. Partially impacted wisdom teeth
  2. Fully impacted wisdom teeth

The Procedure Involved In Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne:

Removal of wisdom teeth is a standard dental procedure that is painless. During the procedure, first local anaesthesia will be admitted to the affected area. Once the area is numb, the oral surgeon would make a small cut and remove a small portion of the bone covering the wisdom teeth. He would then break the wisdom teeth in to smaller pieces for easy removal and remove all the broken pieces with no residue left, clean thoroughly and suture it.

Things To Do After Removing Wisdom Teeth Melbourne:

  1. Apply a pack of ice to the cheek area near the surgical spot.
  2. Bite down a piece of wet gauze if bleeding continues. If bleeding does not stop, place a wet tea bag in the surgical area, the tannin in the tea would aid in clotting of blood.
  3. Gargle with lukewarm salt water at regular intervals to maintain oral hygiene. Also, change the gauze, used for every thirty minutes to prevent infection.
  4. Take the complete course of antibiotics prescribed to prevent any infections or complications.
  5. Lying flat will increase blood flow to the wisdom tooth extraction site. Keep your head elevated for a few hours after the procedure.
  6. Take only liquid diet for a few hours after the procedure. Move on to soft foods gradually. Avoid foods that are hard until the surgical wound heals.
  7. As your food intake will be less, take plenty of fluids that can give you the necessary nutrients and keep you hydrated.
  8. For easy healing, avoid hot and spicy food.
  9. Avoid any strenuous activities or exercises for at least twenty-four hours after the procedure.
  10. You must take rest after the procedure, so plan your work schedule accordingly.

Things You Should Not Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne:

  1. Strictly avoid smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  2. Do not use a straw to drink. The sucking motion can dissolve blood clots and start bleeding.
  3. Avoid intake of too hot or too cold foods.
  4. Do not touch the surgical area with tongue or hands.

Wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne is affordable, and the procedure is common. It is important to get them extracted by a professionally experienced dentist, and strictly follow these aftercare tips for a better and speedy recovery.


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