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Wisdom Teeth – Essential Facts You Need To Know

Posted on August 2, 2017

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that erupt in your mouth and it occurs during the late teens. Contrary to popular belief, wisdom teeth aren’t a nightmare for everyone. They cause trouble only when they are impacted. Most people are hardly informed about some of the common facts of wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, so read on to know these important facts about wisdom teeth:

Wisdom teeth removal:

Wisdom tooth is the most frequent type of teeth being pulled. Wisdom tooth in generally doesn’t pose any problem unless it is impacted. Some problems associated with impacted wisdom tooth include caries, inflammation of the dental pulp and pericoronitis.

a. Caries:

Caries, also referred to as tooth decay, is a common problem associated with tooth decay. This can also lead to inflammation of the dental pulp, if not treated properly.

b. Pulpitis:

Pulpitis can lead to pain in the tooth, and can also instigate tooth root infection. Tooth root infection is one of the common reasons for removal of wisdom teeth.

c. Periodontitis:

Periodontitis cause damage to the bone that supports the teeth, thus loosening the teeth. Removing the tooth and replacing it with prosthetics is a viable solution.

Treating and Preventing Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Treating wisdom tooth symptoms depends on the cause of the problem. Maintaining good oral hygiene is the fundamental step towards preventing such symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include:

  1. Swollen gum tissue and toothache
  2. Bad taste in mouth,
  3. Fever
  4. Swollen cheek
  5. Difficulty opening the mouth

How to Find a Dentist:

Dentists and dental specialists specialise in wisdom tooth extractions. A dentist will analyse the severity and determine a suitable treatment option for you. When looking for a dentist, ask your friends and family for references and make sure you find someone who is licensed and certified. Consulting different dentists is also a good idea, so that you can try and analyse the best dentist who can serve you better. Do not depend on those dentists who offer the service at dirt-cheap prices as the service quality isn’t guaranteed in such cases.

How is the Extraction Done?

Once a local anaesthetic is injected, a gum coupled with the tooth is taken out, and subsequently the tooth is moved and removed. Once the removal is done, the extraction socket is cleansed and necessary stitches are placed on the extraction site.

After Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

Once the extraction is done, few recovery tips have to be followed and that include avoiding hard, chewy foods, staying away from strenuous activity for a few days, taking proper medications and following proper oral hygiene.

This guide should have helped you gain a gist of wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne. Consult your dental professional and seek their help to drive away wisdom tooth problems.


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