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Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney
Posted on December 12, 2017

Wisdom teeth – The name implies, it’s a boon. But despite the name, it’s one of the top causes of pain among some people and one of the main reasons why people visit a dentist for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. So, what causes wisdom teeth pain? Are every wisdom teeth needs to be removed? Let us have a look:

What Causes Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth that could not grow out of the gums fully because of obstructions of other teeth, and this causes impaction. And this in turn causes inflammation and infection as well as damage to the adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth usually occur at the age of 17 to 21.

When You Need to Seek a Dentist’s Help?

If your wisdom tooth is impacted, then you need to opt for wisdom teeth removal. Some patients falsely believe that wisdom tooth removal is a painful one, as it requires surgery. But now with the advancements of procedures, your dentist can make your wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne stress free, pain free and comfortable.

During the first appointment, the specialist of wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne will take an x-ray of his jaw bone and teeth to pinpoint the exact location of the impacted wisdom teeth. Your dentist will also explain the potential ill effects of ignoring the existence of impacted wisdom teeth.

What to Expect During the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure?

During the wisdom teeth removal procedure, general anesthesia will be administered to make you sleep if more wisdom teeth will be removed at the same time. After that, the gum issue of the impacted tooth will be opened and then your dentist will pull the tooth or in rare cases, they cut the tooth into smaller pieces for easy pulling. Finally, stitches will be put in place to close the gums.

Aftercare Treatment – What to Do?

The things you follow after the treatment will hardly decide the healing time and speedy recovery of the wisdom teeth removal. After getting your wisdom teeth pulled, you are likely to expect some kind of bleeding, pain and swelling.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your recovery days easier. Few of the important tips to follow are listed below:

  • Apply ice packs to the outside of your mouth for every 20 minutes gap.
  • Avoid eating, drinking and talking for the first two hours
  • Drink lots of lukewarm or cold fluids to keep hydrated.
  • Take pain medications and antibiotics exactly as prescribed by your dentist
Bottom Line,

Whether you’re planning to have one wisdom tooth removed or all the four, don’t forget to discuss the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne Keep in mind that by choosing the specialist of wisdom teeth in Melbourne, you can get through this procedure without complications and confusions!


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