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How to Recover Fast After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal
Posted on March 15, 2021

Wisdom teeth located at the back of your mouth can be problematic for some when it is impacted. It usually appears between the ages of 17 and 21. When they emerge and don’t have enough room to grow, wisdom teeth will pressurise the surrounding teeth, thus causing pain and discomfort.

Instead of growing upwards, it might slant at an angle or not even fully erupt at all. In such cases, a dental expert will recommend wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne has also become more reasonable. Once the wisdom tooth is removed, you might have to wait for a while until you are fully recovered. Here are some tips to ease the recovery process:

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene:

Follow these important tips to maintain your oral hygiene:

  • Don’t brush or floss on the day of the surgery
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water
  • Do not force or spit the water out after rinsing to ensure the clots don’t dislodge.

Avoid Energy Demanding Activities:

You are supposed to take ample rest throughout recovery. Do not involve in energetic activities such as exercising in the initial few days. Giving your body sufficient time to rest will facilitate the healing process.

Use Ice Packs to Reduce Pain:

When you experience pain and discomfort, you can apply an ice pack on your cheek close to the surgical area. Not only will it regulate pain, but it’s also great for reducing swelling too. Apply the ice pack for about 20 minutes, and take a break of another 20 minutes before reapplying the pack. A dental expert will also prescribe over-the-counter medications including painkillers to manage pain and ease the healing process.

Follow A Soft Diet:

Dental professionals highly recommend that you consume only soft foods that do not require chewing. It provides choices when it comes to your diet. There are several options of soft food that are highly nutritious and beneficial for recovery after cheap wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne.

Some of the most recommended soft foods include mashed potatoes, applesauce, fruit juices, soups, yoghurt, cottage cheese, broth, and more. The problem with regular hard foods is that it must be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. Chewing can definitely impact the surgical area in your mouth and cause infections.

Stay Away from Smoking:

Smoking is a huge deterrent for wisdom teeth recovery. So is alcohol. After wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, try and stay away from tobacco and alcohol products during the recovery process. Smoking can impact the blood clots and cause painful dry sockets. To make sure that your recovery goes smooth, do not smoke.

These are some of the most effective tips that can help with recovery after wisdom teeth removal. If you find it too hard to manage in certain circumstances, don’t hesitate to get the help of your dental expert. If you have any questions about the procedure, including the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne, they’ll be more than happy to answer.



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