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Factors that affect Wisdom Teeth Removal cost

Factors that affect Wisdom Teeth Removal cost
Posted on December 4, 2019

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that serve as backup teeth in many cases. Our wisdom teeth are removed because of problems they can cause in most cases. wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is a kind of surgery that is different from removing healthy teeth. While wisdom teeth are removed when there is no choice left, the costs vary depending on the type of surgery involved. The pre and post-surgery requisites are also other factors that may affect wisdom teeth removal cost. This includes the cost of painkillers, sedation, x-rays, and aftercare necessity.

Why should I get my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

This is the common question most patients ask when they are advised to get cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. For most people, wisdom teeth are not needed, and they cause many problems such as gum infection, tooth decay, and discomfort if they become impacted. This is why it is imperative to have your wisdom teeth removed if they start to present problems as the issues cannot be resolved without removing these problem makers. In most cases, wisdom teeth removal is performed in a chair with local anaesthesia, whereas anxious patients may want general anaesthesia to help them relax during the procedure.

Now let us check out how wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne differs with the type of wisdom teeth removal surgery performed.

Standard Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery:

In this procedure, the teeth are removed once they have erupted well without making any incision in the gums. The process involved is similar to extracting any other regular teeth.

Surgery for Soft Tissue Impaction:

In this type of wisdom teeth removal, the patient has partially erupted wisdom teeth. The gum tissues are attached with the half erupted teeth, and hence extraction of this type of teeth involves incision on the tissues surrounding the tooth to gain complete access to the tooth. Once the tooth is visible, it will be removed like standard teeth extraction. Also, the soft tissues surrounding it will be fixed in place with sutures.

Extraction of Partial Bone Impaction:

In this dental procedure, as the name suggests, some of the bone structures have erupted with the teeth. The dentist will place a crown on the wisdom teeth and remove the bony impaction surrounding it and then remove the wisdom teeth.

Full Bone Infection Removal:

This is the most complicated procedure in which the tooth cannot come out of the gum line and remains inside the jawbone. This is the most extensive surgery compared to others.

So that now you have good knowledge of the different types of surgery requirements, to sum it up, wisdom teeth removal cost varies with the kind of surgery involved. There cheap dentist Melbourne offers afford-able and safe wisdom teeth removal to their patients. Also, the cost of wisdom teeth removal varies depending on psychological and clinical factors that differ from patient to patient.



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