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Parental Advice: How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids

Posted on January 29, 2018

Recent survey polled by the University of Adelaide show that a ¼ of all Australian children aged 10 and below 10 has untreated tooth decay. And it’s shocking to know that over 40% of children who aged below 5 years had decay in their primary (baby) teeth.

Tooth Decay in Toddlers – Causes

According to the best dentist in Melbourne, the main cause behind the tooth decay for toddlers is going to bed with a bottle. The milk or juice from the bottle can sit in your kid’s mouth all the night and it can create the ideal ground for bacterial breeding.

Apart from all these, unhealthy food habits such as eating too much of crunchy foods, junk foods, acidic beverages etc. can also tooth decay. Allowing your child to chewing the candy for prolonged time or allowing them to eat a lot sugary foods will also play an active role in causing tooth decay.

Shocking by reading the causes? Does your kid eat too much of candies and sugary foods? No worries…. Fortunately, tooth decays can be treated as well as prevented. So, what are the best strategies to prevent tooth decay?  Here are the few tips explained the dentist in Melbourne

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids?

Teach Your Kid Brush Twice a Day

Before the first teeth come in, make sure to clean your little one’s gums using a gauze pad or soft cloth to remove the plaque. When your child’s come in, teach your child to brush their teeth with a soft-bristled tooth brush. And if needed, you can use a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste. And once your kid is 2 years above, you can increase the amount of tooth paste with a size of peanut. Once they are in the age of 5, you can teach them the importance of flossing. And also create a routine of brushing twice a day.

Avoid Contact with Breast Milk and Formula Feeding Bottle for Prolonged Time

Once your kid falls asleep, take a bottle from your baby’s mouth. Or else, the prolonged contact will act as the breeding ground for bacteria thus causes baby tooth decay. Also, make sure to clean your kid’s teeth after nursing at night (before going to sleep)

Introduce Healthy Food Habits

Giving your child a nutritious foods and fresh fruits will help you in reducing the risk for tooth decay. You can offer meals that include – whole grains, vegetables, cheese, yogurt and milk, as they are good for teeth enamel. They also help to keep your mouth safe from bacteria and protect against plaque. Also, create a habit of brushing or flossing their teeth, after he/she eats high sugar foods, acidic beverages and especially sticky foods like raisins.

The affordable dentist in Melbourne suggests, “Maintaining a good oral health habits will help prevent tooth decay in the milky teeth, and the oral habits your kid learns in the childhood will stick throughout their life.”


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