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Are Teeth Whitening Right Option For You?

Affordable teeth whitening in Melbourne services
Posted on September 16, 2021
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Teeth whitening have been a popular cosmetic dental operation for a longer time because it results in clean, beautiful, bright teeth and a fantastic smile. Despite the fact teeth whitening is a relatively straightforward process that produces immediate benefits in the form of a brighter, whiter smile; it is not the best option for everyone. Here’s how to figure out if teeth whitening Melbourne is the best option for you, and what alternative options you might have if it isn’t.

Why Do Teeth Require Whitening?

We all start out with dazzling white teeth, but the protective covering on the top of your teeth, called enamel, is exposed to a variety of factors throughout time, affecting how white your teeth appear. Coffee, wine, and acidic foods and drinks, such as soda, can discolour your teeth permanently. Teeth might become yellow or grey as a result of smoking, using tobacco, or using other substances. Furthermore, as you get older, the layer of protective enamel that keeps your teeth white thins, exposing the root area beneath and turning your teeth a pale grey tint. Teeth whitening is fortunately one of the simplest dental procedures, and it can often eliminate years of discolouration and stains to reveal a whiter, brighter smile beneath.

When Whitening Your Teeth Is the Best Option?

Almost every patient will benefit from teeth whitening. It is an extremely safe process that does not require drilling, surgery, or any other intrusive procedures. If you have mild to modest stains rather than significant discoloration caused by some underlying tooth disease, you will experience the most benefit. This operation is also fairly inexpensive, making it a good choice for the majority of patients.

When Teeth Whitening Isn’t the Best Option?

It’s important to recognise that, while it’s a safe and effective surgery offered by affordable dentist Melbourne, it’s not the ideal option for everyone. If you have the following teeth, they may not respond well to whitening: Have stains that are dark brown or grey? As a result of too much fluoride, they’ve become discoloured. They become stained as a result of tetracycline antibiotic exposure especially along the front teeth. So bleach won’t work on these materials, so they’ll stand out from the rest of your white teeth.

Why Should You Whiten Your Teeth at the Dentist Melbourne?

There are several over-the-counter solutions that claim to whiten teeth, but the whitening power of the items available at the office of affordable dentist Melbourne is often stronger and more effective. Having your teeth bleached at the dentist’s office also ensures that you’ll do it correctly for the best results, as well as avoiding any safety concerns associated with at-home whitening, which could result in tooth damage.



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