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4 Reasons You Need Bone Grafting Before Placing Dental Implants

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Posted on December 15, 2021
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If you have been researching a lot about dental implants, chances are you have come across what is known as bone grafting. Dental bone grafting is a pretty common procedure that is required to strengthen your jaw bone. Your jaw must be strong and capable enough to act as a foundation for your dental implants in Melbourne. During the initial consultation, a dental professional will assess the present condition of your jaw and tell you if bone grafting is needed. The procedure is carried out using a synthetic or human bone. The following reasons explain why bone grafting might be required for you:

Receding Jawbone:

The first and foremost reason why bone grafting is required is a receding jawbone. When you are considering dental implants, you will have to opt for a bone graft first. Bone grafting has the ability to put an end to the loss of your jawbone. Loss of jaw bone usually occurs as a result of missing teeth. So, if your jaw line appears to be weak, that’s mostly because it doesn’t have sufficient bone density. This problem can be easily resolved with dental bone grafting. After this procedure is implemented, your jawbone will be restored soon.

Support for Dental Implants:

Dental implants in Melbourne are strong and effective. But in order for them to work efficiently, your jawbone must be sturdy. Bone grafting is done by taking the cartilage from a different part of your body. This allows your jaw bone to grow stronger and denser, so much so that it becomes a great support for your tooth implants. This is why a dental professional recommends bone grafting when they find out that you don’t have sufficient jaw bone density.

Support for Dentures:

Bone grafting is not just suggested for those interested in tooth implants in Melbourne. If you are looking to get dentures, a healthy jawline is applicable for this treatment as well. Dentures are yet another popular dental treatment that can replace multiple teeth, especially for the elderly. In order to get the best results from this treatment, a patient must have a strong jaw bone. If this isn’t the case, bone grafting is recommended. As a result, you will get the right results with your dentures.

Safeguard Your Teeth from Gum Diseases:

When gum diseases become severe, it can damage the bones in the socket of your tooth. Eventually, your tooth will fall out. In order to prevent this situation, get the assistance of a dental professional who offers the right treatment for gum diseases. Bone grafting will be provided right after, so that the bone will be restored in the sockets. This helps preserve your teeth and prevent further damage in the future.

As mentioned earlier, bone grafting is not a mandatory procedure. Get in touch with a dental professional to know about the dental implants cost in Melbourne and if a bone graft is necessary for you.



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