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People care so much about their overall health and appearance, but not as much for their teeth. In fact teeth are like sponges, they will absorb the colour of the foods we eat and it is a must to visit a dentist for regular clean-up of your teeth. Tooth whitening in Melbourne is an effective and affordable cosmetic dental procedure, which helps to bring your bright and healthy smile that you always wanted. Here in this blog, let me explain deep about teeth whitening and its output.

What Is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is an effective process which lights your bright smile. It removes the existing shade from your teeth and lightening the natural colour of your teeth.

Why Teeth Whitening is Necessary?

There are 1000s of reason to have teeth whitening. Just like your face and hair, your teeth too need some attention. This is because; the first thing people see is your healthy smile; it’s one of the first things people use, to assess you and your personality. Only few will maintain their pearly white teeth. To avoid discolouring and maintain your teeth, visiting the dentist is the right choice. Before that, ask the teeth whitening cost in Melbourne to your dentist.

How to look after my teeth once they have been whitened?

To keep your teeth white, cut down the food and drink that discolour your teeth. Else, rinse your teeth well after having such foods and drinks.

  • Stop smoking and alcoholic drinks
  • Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoid sugary foods & tobacco products

Benefits of Having Teeth Whitening

  • Gives White Teeth and make you look and feel younger
  • Easy to Maintain after teeth whitening, only 30 minutes enough to retain the tooth colour. No need to visit the dentist again. It Improves the Oral Health and prevents your teeth and gums from many diseases.
  • Make first impression the best impression.
  • It’s a hassle-free and a safe way to whiten your teeth and to enhance the appearance of your smile.


Professional teeth whitening will leave you with more self-confidence and attractive smile, and you will feel motivated to smile more.. To get these benefits, you have to do more research on choosing the best dentist and about the teeth whitening prices in Melbourne. The dentist you select should be certified, have more experience and good reviews. People can do wrong, but Google won’t, so seek help from Google and make your teeth and life brighter.

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Are you looking into the mirror and witnessing stained teeth? We understand how you will feel at this point. Losing the lustre in teeth will affect self-confidence and your bold smile. Are you craving for pearly white teeth?  Then we are here with your remedies. Fret no more. There are many teeth whitening goods available to bring back your bright and white smile.

However, with a mass of different products available, not all are good to be used. Teeth whitening should be done only under the guidance of a professional. Teeth whitening in Melbourne would save you by giving you shiny pearly whites for a long time.

1. Why Our Teeth Get Discoloured?

Do you know?  Teeth lose its shine with age. Yes, our teeth are white at first and slowly fade as we age. Genetics also play a significant role in teeth discolouration. However, there are still more common reasons for our teeth losing its colour and shine.

First, some food we take, for example, carbonated drinks, and our all-time favourite coffee is responsible for teeth discolouration. Unknown, some medications are also accountable for stained teeth.

2. Why Is It A Must To Have Teeth Whitening With The Guidance Of A Dentist?

Teeth whitening when done by a professional, it is safe, hygienic and predictable. Though there are many whitening options available in the local market that claim to give you a bright smile, these must be strictly avoided at any cost.  These alternatives may appear attractive and provide some results, but the products used by the dentists are clinically tested and are reliable. The alternate teeth whiteners may damage your teeth and end you up needing for some extensive restorative dental care. Moreover, teeth whitening cost in Melbourne is also affordable.

3. How Do Dentists Perform Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening includes thorough cleaning and polishing the teeth with special agents. The dentist will first secure your gums and apply the whitening gel over the teeth making sure it doesn’t come in contact with the gums and other sensitive areas in your mouth. He will then employ the latest technology to get rid of any hard stains and apply the gel for two to three times.

He will also take measurements of your teeth and give you customised trays fitted with gel to be used in home. This is to maintain the pearly white for a long time.

4. How Can I Retain The Shine For A Long Time?

Once you have had teeth whitening in Melbourne, the shine would last longer.  However, there are few tips to maintain them:

  1. Avoid any dark staining drinks or beverages.
  2. Brush your teeth twice and floss once in a day.
  3. Cut back smoking.
  4. Clean your mouth thoroughly after every meal.

Stained teeth?  No more worries. Teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are affordable, and the procedure is completely safe.

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“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”!

A sparkling smile can make a notable difference in your appearance. Following good oral hygiene helps maintain your teeth clean and healthy. However, over time your teeth tend to lose its shine. That is, they become stained or discoloured. At this phase, teeth whitening procedure could help bring back your glittering smile. Here, experts offer some curious facts to know everything about the Teeth whitening in Melbourne!

What Do You Mean By Teeth Whitening?

It’s considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It lightens your teeth and helps remove the stains and discolouration. By whitening the teeth, it can greatly enhance your appearance.

Know The Types Of Staining!

Stains on teeth can be classified into two, namely extrinsic and intrinsic.

  • Extrinsic stains: They are the stains which appear on the surface of your teeth.
  • Intrinsic stains: They are the stains which appear below the surface of the tooth. They gather deep within your dentin, the layer below your enamel, and are trickier to remove, it requires professional cleaning!

What are all the Topmost Reasons for Tooth Discolouration?

  • Smoking and using tobacco products.
  • Regular intake of dark-coloured liquids such as coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • Not maintaining good oral health, that is improper cleansing.

Your teeth have tiny pores just like your skin, and these pores will absorb the colour of the food you intake. Red wine, coffee, tea, dark chocolates and tobacco are the extreme factors which cause staining. Over the years, these stains will get darker and never go away unless you remove them actively. Teeth whitening cost in Melbourne is more affordable which helps eliminate these nasty stains.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

It’s a simple and quick process. The products used in the whitening process eliminate the stains which make your teeth to sparkle.

Why it’s Important to Seek a Professional’s Help?

Teeth whitening procedure without the knowledge of a dental professional may lead to increased sensitivity to the teeth, gum irritation, burns due to improperly fixed mouth guards and much more.

Find The Great Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening!

  • Enhance your appearance: Sparkling white teeth are considered to be one of the best signs of attraction. Teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are reasonable, which helps to enhance your appearance.
  • Boost up your self-confidence.
  • Best and Affordable cosmetic treatment.
  • Makes you feel younger.
  • It helps you to be more friendly and interactive.
  • Teeth whitening procedure is considered to be extremely safe.
  • Diminishes the effect of wrinkles, that is, when you have a beautiful and attractive smile, it complements the negative factors.

Aftercare Tips for Teeth Whitening!

  • Avoid stain-causing foods and beverages.
  • Quit smoking and avoid tobacco products completely.
  • Clean your teeth and gums regularly.
  • Maintain good oral health.

When you are planning for teeth whitening, consider Teeth whitening in Melbourne!

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Nowadays, people strive for dazzling teeth, and tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular than ever. There are several ways to achieve your goal, starting from whitening toothpaste to more advanced systems. Teeth naturally darken with age and with your love for beverages. However, professionals say that the major reason for the teeth losing its lustre is that it is not properly cared. A darker tooth doesn’t mean it is unhealthy.

Why Should You Consider Teeth Whitening In Melbourne?

People want to get their teeth whitened to maintain their beautiful smile mainly during their special occasions such as wedding or graduation. It is also a great confidence booster helping you have a bright smile on your face always.

Are You The Best Candidate For Teeth Whitening In Melbourne?

Sometimes the enamel of the teeth may be malformed due to excessive exposure to fluoride during childhood. In such cases, whitening will not work, and you must seek for other options like veneers or a crown.

Before you go for the procedure, your dentist will make sure you are a right candidate, will your oral health support it or if you need any other dental care before going for whitening.

Teeth Whitening Procedures:

The treatment for achieving whiter teeth varies with the procedure you choose. There are several ways to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth. Whitening toothpastes are available in the market which may not perform as advertised. The best you can expect from is extrinsic whitening, which includes removing stains that rest on your teeth. Whitening strips are another method which gives better effects compared to toothpaste.

Home whitening kits are also available it consists of custom-made trays to be used for few hours a day or overnight filled with teeth whitening gels. The gel must be ensured to fit tightly to the teeth to prevent damage to your gums.

You should never opt for any whitening system without consulting your dentists because there could be underlying issues like gum disease or tooth decay that can make your teeth dull. However, visiting a dentist for teeth whitening is best and safe. Many dentists offer teeth whitening cost in Melbourne more affordable.

Power whitening: This is a bleaching process done by the dentist. Here a barrier is applied on your mouth and lips, and a whitening gel is placed on the teeth, and it is activated. Teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are affordable, it takes around one hour for the entire process.

How To Care Your Teeth After The Whitening Procedure?

Tooth whitening is temporary, it can last between six months to a year. The longer your teeth remains white depends on how you care for them after undergoing whitening treatment.

  • Cut down the intake of foods or beverages that stained them in the first place
  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Check with your dentist if you feel any sensitivity
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Even if you brush and floss twice daily, you will notice your smile begins to lose its sparkle. The primary cause of stains teeth is your favourite foods such as coffee, medications, ageing, tea and more. But we can’t avoid our favourite foods completely; instead, we can clean our teeth by having teeth whitening treatment. Now you may have doubt on, whether it’s worth the cost or waste of money. Here in this blog let me discuss some information, why tooth whitening in Melbourne is a worthy one.

What Makes Professional Whitening Worthy?

  • StrongBleaching Agents
  • Faster Results
  • Dental Supervision

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Because of chewing, gnashing, acid attacks and other harmful factors, your teeth will be covered with yellow coating. Porcelain-like enamel given by dentist will increase the natural sparkle of your teeth and makes it bright. By in-office teeth whitening, the stains and debris in your teeth will be removed and restore the natural sparkle of your teeth. The in-office tooth whitening is worth the cost by comparing to the dentist’s ability, the solution they use and mainly its benefits. Whatever the situations of your teeth are; at the end of the treatment, you will get the smile that you expected.

What about the Cost of In-Office Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening cost Melbourne depends on the dentist you go for. The most affordable price in town for professional teeth whitening starts from $375. Do more research and find the one who offers the treatment at that price.

Other Options for Teeth Whitening

Yes, there are two other options, when it comes to tooth whitening, but we can’t assure, whether it is effective or what.

Option one: whitening kits

This kit consists of peroxide gel, which is used to apply on the teeth to clean it. Yes, whitening kits will save a lot of time but whitening your teeth by yourself will not be safe and as effective as dentist do.

The cost of whitening kits ranges from $100 to $400. For this, visiting the dentist is the best option. They will finish the treatment safely and effectively.

Option Two: OTC whitening

You can do the OTC whitening products on your own and the cost you spend for this procedure is cheap. But the main disadvantage of it is you can whiten only a few teeth in the front. So it’s not recommendable.

The cost of OTC whitening products varies from $20 to $100.

Wrapping Up

You may have spent a bit to maintain your oral health, especially to keep your teeth and gums healthy. To get the white smile that you have dreamed of, the final step is tooth whitening. They remove all type of stains and make you feel like you have opted for a trustworthy treatment. Before booking your appointment, know the teeth whitening prices in Melbourne and the qualifications of the dentist.

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Before going deep into the concept of teeth whitening, I think it’s the right time to talk about the style aspect of movie star smiles and other TV personalities. Okay, let me ask you a question. What is the one physical trait that you see common in a movie star, celebrity, network news anchor or any other media personality? It is not the height, the fairness, weight, body type, physical fitness or not even the colour or style of their hair. The only thing they all seem to have in common is a set of straight, polished, pearly white teeth without any stains, chips, flaws, imperfection or discolouration.

And why do they have their teeth to be so perfect? These celebrities have a lot to thank the tooth fairy. And one among them is teeth whitening in Melbourne.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Adult’s teeth are normally grey or yellow and are not bright white. It further shades slowly deepen over time as our enamel thins, revealing the less-white layer of dentin beneath it. The discoloration can also be due to our lifestyle and diet. To remove these stains, dentists use some teeth whitening products to regain the natural white colour of your teeth. This process is named as teeth whitening.

If you are considering teeth whitening, then this is the right guide for you.

Teeth Discolouration

Yellowing of teeth is caused as a normal part of aging, because the enamel is getting thinner due to wear, and things like grinding your teeth or acids from foods you eat can thin enamel earlier, making teeth become yellow sooner.  Other reasons that make your teeth turn yellow or grey are listed below.

  • Falling on or hitting a tooth
  • Too much fluoride
  • A rare dental disorder called Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI) which makes the teeth yellow or brown
  • Genetics, which determine the colour of your teeth to begin with
  • Silver fillings

Intrinsic Teeth Whitening

This refers to cleaning the inner part of the tooth, which soaks up hydrogen peroxide gel and becomes lighter. When the inner part of the teeth is whitened, it reflects through the outer enamel and makes your teeth look whiter and brighter. In this process, the bleach or the gel only lightens the inner tissue of the tooth, not the hard, outer enamel.

Extrinsic Teeth Whitening

Removing stains from the outer part of your teeth, i.e. enamel is called as extrinsic teeth whitening. Your dentist may use some polishing and whitening toothpaste or gel to remove stains left behind by smoking, wine, tea, and coffee.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

Getting a bright and white teeth through professional cleaning may cost you anywhere from $600 to $1000. But, the teeth whitening cost in Melbourne may also vary depending on the advanced technologies utilised by your dentist if any.

Visit to learn more about the reasons for teeth discolouration and teeth whitening prices in Melbourne.

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Recent studies have found that putting a happy face during your teens and early adulthood would be the right way to achieve success in the later life. First impressions go on to influence your interactions and the opportunities you get in life. Here comes the importance of having teeth hygiene and teeth cleaning.

Everyone wants to have a mouth full of pearly white teeth. But we often failed as we live in the world where food items like soda, coffee, tea, red wine, and more can cause some amount of staining to the teeth. So, what can be done to get those shiny, pearly white teeth? Obviously, the answer would be “Proper Oral Hygiene and Regular Teeth Checkup in Melbourne.”

Professional teeth cleaning in Melbourne by a certified dental hygienist aims to remove plaque, tarter, stains etc. that accumulates on your pearly teeth. Most dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned and periodically checked for every 6-12 months to reduce the chance of periodontal disease.

What Should a Professional Teeth Cleaning Involve?

  • Flossing
  • Applying fluoride (based on your dentist)
  • Removing plaque formation and tartar using specialized dental tools
  • Teeth polishing

More about Teeth Cleaning…

By hearing the strange noise, prodding, and jaw discomfort, many people dread of while hearing the word “Teeth Cleaning” But actually the procedure is very simple and painless.

Knowing more on what you need to know exactly during the procedure will definitely ease your stress and allow you to enjoy the fresh results.

A Physical Exam

Teeth cleanings are often performed by a dental hygienist. They start the treatment with a physical examination of your entire mouth.

Your dentist also uses a small mirror to check around your teeth and gums for any signs of gingivitis (inflamed gums) or other potential concerns.

Remove Plaque and Tartar

The dentist or the teeth cleaning specialist uses the special tools called scaler to plaque and tartar around your gum line, as well as in between your teeth. During the procedure, you will hear a creeping sound, but don’t worry, as it is quite normal.

The more tartar you have, the more time they’ll need!

Deep Cleaning Using Electronic Tooth brush

After removing plaque and tartar, your dentist brushes your teeth using high-powered electric brush. And this makes crazy annoying noise, which sounds scary, but it’s a great way to get a deep clean and the best way to remove the tartar left behind the scaler.

It’s advisable to get this kind of cleaning for twice a year under the supervision of experienced dentist.

Expert Flossing and Rinsing

Even you floss and rinse your mouth twice a day at home, nothing beats an expert flossing session done by an experienced dentist.

Professional flossing and rinsing can get deep between your teeth and locate any potential trouble spots where you might bleed at the gums. And it also helps to get rid of any debris.

Wrapping Up,

Whether you are suffering from tooth ache or not, it’s mandatory to schedule your dental visit for twice a year, i.e. for every 6 months. Don’t forget to discuss the teeth cleaning cost in Melbourne!

Proper dental checkup is the key to maintain a proper oral hygiene and healthy smile! As said earlier, schedule proper dental checkups and preserve your SMILE!

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If you are worried about how stained your teeth looks like, you are not alone. Since time immemorial, human teeth are prone to lose its natural whiteness as one age, which is when teeth whitening in Melbourne seems to be an attractive option. Several dentists today offer professional teeth whitening procedure that can give out attractive results in just an hour or less. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you need to ditch that teeth whitening home kit and opt for teeth whitening instead:

Teeth Whitening is Safe:

When you go for professional teeth whitening, you can be assured that it is safe. Choosing the best and experienced dentist can be a great idea to get that attractive, white smile. Also, Teeth whitening home kits aren’t safe and might even cause irritation by the bleaching agent.

Eliminates those Deep Stains:

There are diverse types of discolorations that can happen with regards to stains and put a dent on an attractive smile. With proper brushing and cleaning, you can get rid of regular stains, however there are deep stains that cannot be easily removed by oneself. This usually results due to the consumption of coffee or smoking or drinking habits. Professional teeth whitening procedure is your solution for the same.

Gain that Confidence Back:

One of the factors that actually impact the self-confidence of patients is having discoloured teeth. Yes, it is normal for people to feel embarrassed about having stains on their teeth. Fret not, as professional teeth whitening procedure comes to the rescue. Getting shiny white teeth is just an hour away.

Look Younger:

Having a whiter teeth can help give out a youthful appearance. A beautiful, white and bright smile can give you that confidence you always wanted. The older you are, the more stained your teeth will be. A white tooth will be associated to a person’s youthful appearance, hence getting a professional teeth whitening treatment is definitely going to help.

Take Good Care of your Teeth:

People who attain shiny, white teeth will be naturally tended to take special care of the same. Patients who opt for the professional teeth whitening procedure will maintain their bright smile through proper brushing and flossing techniques. They’d also ensure that they never miss their dental check-ups to maintain a healthy smile.

Executing professional cleaning and teeth whitening techniques are important to keep your teeth as shiny and healthy as possible. This means getting professional teeth whitening procedure will help you achieve optimal oral health, which might not be possible through regular over-the-counter medications or teeth whitening home kits.

With these benefits of professional teeth whitening in Melbourne explained above, you should know by now that availing this procedure would be a good decision for your smile. Visit your nearest dentist today and get a healthy smile through teeth whitening.

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Teeth Whitening – An Overview

Posted on September 17, 2017 | Posted in Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is the process of removing stains and discoloration from your teeth to improve your smile and prevent your teeth from various dental diseases. It is not a one-time procedure, so if you have to maintain the brightness of your smile, you need to repeat the procedure time to time.

Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

  • Poor Dental Hygiene: Absence of regular brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can cause plaque and stains on your teeth.
  • Foods: Regular intake of tea, coffee, colas, wines and few fruits and vegetables like potatoes and apples can stain your teeth.
  • Smoking: Smoking cause stains on your teeth. Also, the use of tobacco leads to teeth discoloration.
  • Medications: Certain antibiotics are known to cause teeth discoloration for children whose teeth are in developing stage.
  • Diseases: Certain diseases that affect your dentin and enamel can cause tooth discoloration. Treatment like chemotherapy and radiation can affect the color of your teeth.
  • Aging Factor: As your age increases, the outer layer of your teeth enamel gets damaged revealing the yellow color of your dentin.
  • Genetics: Some people have naturally thicker or brighter enamel when compared to others.

Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening Treatment

The patients having healthy gums and unrestored teeth can undergo teeth whitening treatment to attain a brighter smile. Patients having yellow tones on their teeth can get a better result.

Bad Candidates for Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatment will be less successful or not recommended for circumstances include:

  • Age issues
  • During pregnancy
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Allergies due to any products
  • Gum disease, cavities, exposed roots and worn enamel
  • Fillings, crowns and other restorations
  • Unrealistic expectations

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening treatment in Melbourne is a simple dental procedure which helps you gaining brighter smile. It is always recommended to get a professional teeth whitening service in a dental clinic since the rest of your mouth including the gum are protected. During the procedure, your dentist will apply one of the two teeth whitening bleach such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. Before applying the bleach, the dentist will apply a protective gel or a rubber shield on your gum to protect it. This bleach will break the stains into smaller pieces which make your teeth brighter.

Teeth whitening process is not a permanent solution for the discoloration or yellow teeth. The stain may come back. So if you have the habit of regular intake of coffee, tea, red wines, etc. then you need to reduce them after the whitening treatment. The teeth whitening prices in Melbourne is affordable, and you need to undergo this process regularly to maintain your smile.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

The cost of teeth whitening in Melbourne depends on various factors such as the type of whitening, duration of the treatment, the experience of your dentist, the location of the dental clinic and more.

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Have you ever thought about giving your teeth a shiny makeover? Chances are most people already do. Teeth whitening in Melbourne is one of the most demanded cosmetic dental procedures and its popularity doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Beautifully white teeth can surely make an impression and add sparks to your life. So if you are still so sceptic about whitening your teeth, here are 8 reasons why you should do it soon.

  1. The first and foremost reason to whiten your teeth is to remove any stain on teeth that is caused due to drinking coffee, coke, soda, wine or other foods and beverages.
  1. When you are trying to give up smoking and find it real hard to deal with the same, having your teeth whitened is one of the biggest steps that can add motivation to achieving your goal. Once you have obtained the teeth whitening procedure, you would not want to spoil it again with cigarette stains on your teeth.
  1. Do you have any special event such as wedding, college reunion or anniversary coming up? Anyone would want to look their best for the occasion and one of the best ways to do that is to have a sparkling, flawless white smile.
  2. What better way that whitening your teeth to boost your confidence? Teeth whitening is one of the perfect measures that help you face the world and create a great first impression when attending a job interview.
  1. Pearly white teeth and a great smile will surely help you regain that much needed self-esteem. Stained or yellow teeth are surely an embarrassment, and with a new and improved smile, patients are more likely to build on their self-confidence and face the world without hesitation.
  1. Our teeth would get a yellow stain over time, and make it seem unhealthy and old due to its natural aging process. This would subsequently make people feel old and unhealthy at the same time.
  1. One of the biggest perks of teeth whitening is that it is a NOT a surgical procedure. The procedure is also totally safe, so one shall avail the treatment with confidence as it doesn’t involve any pain and is risk free.
  1. People who have a better and beautiful smile are known to maintain a good oral hygiene. These individuals wouldn’t hesitate to invest their time to properly brush, floss and rinse their teeth every day. Consistent oral hygiene is also the key to improving oral health as well as enhancing the overall health.

Teeth whitening prices in Melbourne is relatively inexpensive amongst most cosmetic dental procedures, which helps you attain visible results that are even better than over-the-counter whitening products. Whiten your teeth today and rediscover a whole new way of good living.

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