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Having straight teeth is not only important to make your smile more pleasing but also to improve your oral health. It is very challenging to maintain a proper hygiene with crooked teeth and if left ignored they can lead to periodontal disease. Thus, it is advised to use braces to properly align your teeth. However, wearing traditional braces is embarrassing, painful and inconvenient. Hence, increasing number of people has begun to opt for invisible braces in Melbourne. Do you want to know why? Here are some major benefits in obtaining invisible braces,


The cost of Invisible braces in Melbourne is not necessarily higher than the traditional braces. There are instances in which metal braces cost more than invisible braces. The invisible braces cost in Melbourne varies with each individual and depends on the extent of alignment and the number of aligners required. Also, most insurance companies cover Invisible braces just like regular braces.

Aesthetically pleasing

A metal brace can make you look weird and unattractive. On the other hand, Invisible braces do not affect your appearance in anyway and it is really hard for someone to identify that you are wearing them. If you want your teeth straightening treatment to be a secret, then getting invisible braces in Melbourne is your best option. They can also make you more confident in the public.


You do not have to book an appointment with your dentist every time you need to remove them. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove invisible braces easily whenever you want them out. They do not restrict you from participating in any social events with a brace-free smile.


Metal braces have protruding edges that can prick the inside of your mouth and gums. And they are not good for decaying teeth. Invisible aligners are smooth with no sharp parts to scratch or irritate your mouth.


Invisible braces don’t trap food particles and makes it easier to clean your teeth properly. You can easily take them out when you brush your teeth and then place them back once it is done.  You are also safer from cavities and gum disease.

Act faster

The treatment time is much less when compared to traditional braces. Depending on the needs of the patient, traditional braces take an average of 2 years where invisible braces require just 6 to 18 months.


The treatment planning of invisible braces are completely computerised. You can find what to expect at the start of the treatment and how long do you need to wear them. However, metal braces are unpredictable and are more like a trial-and-error circumstance.

These definite advantages definitely make the invisible braces more appealing!

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