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Easy Tips to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Posted on January 31, 2017
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They say “face is the index of the mind”. And what makes the face brighter is having a set of pearly white teeth. Having a set of shiny white teeth enhances the personality of a person and also provides a confidence boost. But most people may not possess such white teeth, as it turns yellow or gets stained over time due to various factors. There are many natural ways to get back their charming white teeth. If you’re the one among them to turn your yellowish teeth into pearly white, then teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are much cheaper, to help you whiten your teeth without breaking your budget

But before stepping beyond teeth whitening treatment, here are few natural ways by which, you can whiten your teeth without spending even a single penny

1. Brushing after each meal:

This is the most simple and powerful method. Brushing of teeth should be done each time after a meal. This will remove the food particles that get stuck in the teeth and also the germs that cause discolouring of teeth.

2. Avoid smoking cigarettes:

Smokers are prone to get yellow patches in their teeth, as their enamel gets thinned with continued smoking. They should discontinue smoking to regain their white teeth.

3. Avoid usage of soft drinks and processed foods:

Soft drinks are acidic in nature and while consuming, they erode the whiteness of teeth. Such is the case with processed foods, as the preservatives in them cause damages to the teeth. So these items should be discarded totally from the diet.

4. Avoid usage of coffee:

Coffee causes stains in teeth. So it’s always better to have a check on taking coffee or discard its usage completely. If avoiding is not possible, make sure to drink water after having a cup of coffee, which wipes away the caffeine content that accumulates on the teeth.

5. Usage of antibacterial agents:

Usage of mouthwashes will also help. Mouth should be rinsed using a mix of Hydrogen peroxide and water in equal proportion. This helps in flushing away the bacteria that affects teeth and causes discoloration.

6. Using peel of citrus fruits or ACV:

Orange and lemon peels have qualities that help to whiten the teeth. This needs to be applied over the teeth for getting shiny white teeth. Also, apple sider vinegar which is a natural antibiotic helps removing the stains and also in fighting germs. In both the cases, mouth should be rinsed after application.

7. Usage of coconut oil

Coconut oil pulling can be a best way to whiten your teeth. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil will help in cleaning and protection of the gums.

8. A healthy diet:

Following a healthy diet also plays a major part in maintaining shiny teeth. Foods which are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium etc. needs to be made a part of regular menu, which will help in maintaining healthier teeth.

You can follow these steps to get back your shiny smile naturally. If you’re not happy with the results even after following the above mentioned tips, it’s always a better idea to get help from dentists for teeth whitening treatment. It has been stated that teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are much cheaper, which you can opt for to make your teeth brighter without spending too much.


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