High Quality Dental Implants

If you’ve got missing teeth, dental implants is the most effective tooth replacement solution today! Our dental implant treatment in Melbourne is second to none, and is offered at competitive prices.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular and effective way for replacing missing teeth and it consists of a titanium screw that is used for replacement of the roots of your natural tooth. This screw acts as a base for your replacement tooth. Dental implants are considered as an effective long-term solution and being made of titanium, it is totally safe to use and compatible with the human body.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental professionals state dental implants as the long-lasting solution for missing single or multiple teeth. Dental implants in Melbourne bring the following benefits:

Enhanced oral functionality

With dental implants, you would be able to restore the normal functionality of your jaws and the rest of your teeth. Dental implants function the same way as normal teeth and that means you can have all your favourite foods without fear.

Improved Dental Hygiene

Dental implants in Melbourne will never impact your adjacent teeth, hence making it comfortable to use and maintain. Brushing and flossing your dental implants is as easy as breeze and there comes no risk of them wearing down, unlike dental bridges.

Reduces Bone Loss

Do you know dental implants promote jaw bone growth? Bone tissues would start to atrophy when there’s a missing teeth. The presence of dental implants can prevent further loss and instigate the growth of new tissue at the same time. This, as a result, will strengthen the jaw. If there’s significant bone loss before the procedure is done, bone grafting procedure will be provided for patients.

No Diet Sacrifices

As mentioned earlier, tooth implants in Melbourne will not be a hindrance to your diet choices. You can have a wide range of foods that you like, without hesitation. You can even eat and chew foods as much as you want, since dental implants won’t be affected by it.

Dental implants that function as normal tooth helps you consume even the toughest foods. This is unlike dentures that tend to misalign and create disturbances while eating & chewing.

Great Confidence and Self Esteem Boost

The benefits of tooth implants in Melbourne aren’t just limited to form and functionality, but they give you a great boost to your confidence and self-esteem too. As dental implants imitate the appearance of your normal teeth, you can avoid the embarrassment of having dental bridges placed in your mouth.

Are you a Good Candidate of Dental Implants?

You can be a good candidate of dental implants if you have the following characteristics:

  • Good oral hygiene
  • Adequate bone density & healthy gum tissues
  • Good overall health

If you aren’t a good candidate of dental implants, don’t lose hope! Our expert dental implants professionals in Melbourne will be willing to help you out!

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What is involved in having a dental implant?

Dental implant is screw-shaped titanium metal used to replace a missing tooth. It is an artificial tooth that acts similar to your natural tooth. Dental implant procedure involves three steps.

  • In the initial stage, the implant screw is placed surgically into your jawbone.
  • After a suitable healing time, a simple second stage procedure is complete to expose the buried implant. But the healing time varies from each person.
  • Finally, the artificial tooth or the crown is made and screwed or cemented to your implant.
How can I tell if I am healthy enough to have dental implants?

In general, if a person is well enough to undergo the necessary treatment for routine tooth extractions or fixed bridgework, then they can undergo cheap dental implants in Melbourne. Also, patients may have general health conditions that would contraindicate implant procedures, but this is unusual. After a thorough examination and discussion, your dentist will determine the best form of an implant for your issue. The amount and location of available bone is usually the major determinant as to which implant system is to be used, or whether you are a good implant candidate.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

By undergoing dental implants in Melbourne, you can gain the following benefits.

  • Preserve facial features, and restore a natural smile
  • Avoid damage to surrounding healthy teeth
  • Improves your appearance, confidence, and the ability to eat the foods you like without worry about your teeth
  • They are fixed in place and look and perform almost like natural teeth
  • They prevent bone loss in the area of the missing teeth
  • They fit precisely without slipping
  • A dental implant can last a lifetime
How long will implants last?

As we know, most dental problems stem from improper home care or lack of treatment when needed. The same holds true for dental implants in Melbourne. No one can give guarantees because the health of a person is dependent upon many factors which are out of the control of one’s dentist, e.g. proper nutritional needs being met, proper hygiene, genetics, disease processes which might occur. So the dental implant success can be influenced by the way you take care of your implant, oral hygiene and the quality of practitioner that you have chosen to do your implants. But, with proper care, maintenance, and routine dental check-ups, your dental implant can last a lifetime.

Can implants help with dentures?

Absolutely! Dentures are most patients’ nightmare due to the difficulty in wearing and the effect on all aspects of life. Small dentures can be replaced with just a few implants, or full dentures can either be held in position with implants or replaced with implants altogether. The dental implants cost in Melbourne depends on various factors such as the number of implants, the severity of the issue and more. But, surely the dentures can be replaced by dental implants.