Regular brushing and flossing are obviously two inevitable things that you should do for good oral health. Brushing your teeth every day will remove debris or trapped food particles from your teeth and prevent bacterial growth. This will keep your gums healthy and protect your teeth from periodontal disease or cavities. But there’s one thing that many people usually don’t follow – replacing the toothbrush. Here are 4 important reasons explained by an affordable dentist Melbourne as to why you should frequently replace your toothbrush.

Your Toothbrush is Worn Out:

Experts usually recommend replacing your toothbrush once every three months, even if there aren’t any visible signs of wear and tear. A worn-out toothbrush wouldn’t be as effective as it should be. Any toothbrush will wear down, every time you use it to brush your teeth. Eventually, it gets to a point when your toothbrush won’t be able to remove dirt or bacteria from your mouth. Replacing your toothbrush frequently will keep your teeth and gums clean, so that you can safeguard your oral health for the long term.

You Have Been Sick:

If you have been sick with a cold or flu, an affordable dentist Melbourne recommends replacing your toothbrush as soon as you recover. It’s not always possible for the toothbrush to reinfect you and cause the same illness, since your body has already developed antibodies to fight the germs. However, your immune system would be weakened by the illness, due to which your body might get infected by different bacteria in the toothbrush. Toothbrushes contain a myriad of bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi. Changing your toothbrush is the right solution to protect your oral and overall health.

You Dropped it Somewhere:

If you dropped your toothbrush on the floor (or even worse, in a bathroom), it will instantly contaminate your toothbrush with bacteria. Some of such bacteria can be harmful as well. Replace your toothbrush immediately, no matter where you drop it.

Gross! your Toothbrush May Have Faecal Bacteria on it.

If you still believe that regular replacement of your toothbrush is not worth it, this should change your mind. According to research, people who share a bathroom will have their toothbrushes contaminated with faecal bacteria. Even worse, the bacteria found on these toothbrushes usually come from someone else using your bathroom!

A dentist Melbourne reveals that it’s caused by ‘Toilet Plume’. Every time you flush the toilet, aerosolised faeces will travel through air and settle on sinks, toothbrushes, and more. Using a toothbrush cover won’t be helpful either, since the presence of moisture instigates bacterial growth.

People often forget to replace their conventional toothbrushes, or the toothbrush heads in the electric ones. If you notice a change in colour of the bristles upon constant usage, it is time to replace them. Or simply remind yourself to change your toothbrush every 3 months. If regular brushing and periodic replacing of toothbrush don’t give you a white and bright smile, you could try treatments such as teeth whitening Melbourne. Talk to a dentist if you have any questions.

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For many years, people have been using metal braces to straighten their teeth. These traditional braces use metal wires to make sure your teeth remain in their ideal position. With advancements in technology over the years, the dental industry introduced invisible braces for tooth straightening and correcting bite issues. The invisible braces cost Melbourne charged by recognised dental experts are reasonable too. So how are invisible braces better than metal braces? Read on find out:

Invisible Braces are Comfortable:

Traditional metal braces will be able to align your teeth in their proper position over time, however this is accomplished with the use of metal wires that are highly uncomfortable. That’s not the case with invisible braces. A typical invisible brace uses a material that is elastic and offers greater amount of comfort and control to the user. As a result, you get a perfectly straight teeth without any discomfort throughout the treatment.

No Diet Restrictions with Invisible Braces:

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional metal braces is that the user has to give up on a number of foods, as they get sticky with metal braces. Fortunately, with invisible braces Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about diet restrictions anymore. Eat your favourite food to your heart’s content. Just remove the aligners by yourself before eating your food. When done, brush your teeth and place your braces back in.

Simplifies Oral Hygiene:

Having a misplaced or crooked tooth can make dental hygiene difficult for anyone. And when you use metal braces, it only gets worse. The wires and brackets can make it harder for a patient to properly clean and maintain their teeth. Not to mention lack of proper oral hygiene results in cavities, staining, and discolouring, which you might not notice right away.

Invisible braces can be removed at any time. So, you can brush and floss your teeth everyday comfortably. No special tools are required to remove the trapped food particles. Just take out your invisible braces and clean the area thoroughly to safeguard your oral health.

Better Appearance:

Besides the reasonable invisible braces cost Melbourne, one of the common reasons why people opt for invisible braces is the appearance. Kids usually don’t bother about using metal braces. However other people, especially the teens, will feel embarrassed by the unpleasant appearance of metal in their mouths.

Invisible braces, as the name suggests, are so clear that people might not notice you’re wearing them. This alone has made this modern dental solution very appealing to patients. People who are self-conscious about their appearance will benefit from it, as it gives them a boost in confidence.

To properly align your teeth and perfect your smile, use invisible braces. Get in touch with a dental expert to know if you are a good candidate or to ask about the cost of invisible braces Melbourne. You will be happy with the usage and results!

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