Teeth Whitening – An Overview

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Teeth whitening treatment is the process of removing stains and discoloration from your teeth to improve your smile and prevent your teeth from various dental diseases. It is not a one-time procedure, so if you have to maintain the brightness of your smile, you need to repeat the procedure time to time.

Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

  • Poor Dental Hygiene: Absence of regular brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can cause plaque and stains on your teeth.
  • Foods: Regular intake of tea, coffee, colas, wines and few fruits and vegetables like potatoes and apples can stain your teeth.
  • Smoking: Smoking cause stains on your teeth. Also, the use of tobacco leads to teeth discoloration.
  • Medications: Certain antibiotics are known to cause teeth discoloration for children whose teeth are in developing stage.
  • Diseases: Certain diseases that affect your dentin and enamel can cause tooth discoloration. Treatment like chemotherapy and radiation can affect the color of your teeth.
  • Aging Factor: As your age increases, the outer layer of your teeth enamel gets damaged revealing the yellow color of your dentin.
  • Genetics: Some people have naturally thicker or brighter enamel when compared to others.

Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening Treatment

The patients having healthy gums and unrestored teeth can undergo teeth whitening treatment to attain a brighter smile. Patients having yellow tones on their teeth can get a better result.

Bad Candidates for Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatment will be less successful or not recommended for circumstances include:

  • Age issues
  • During pregnancy
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Allergies due to any products
  • Gum disease, cavities, exposed roots and worn enamel
  • Fillings, crowns and other restorations
  • Unrealistic expectations

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening treatment in Melbourne is a simple dental procedure which helps you gaining brighter smile. It is always recommended to get a professional teeth whitening service in a dental clinic since the rest of your mouth including the gum are protected. During the procedure, your dentist will apply one of the two teeth whitening bleach such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. Before applying the bleach, the dentist will apply a protective gel or a rubber shield on your gum to protect it. This bleach will break the stains into smaller pieces which make your teeth brighter.

Teeth whitening process is not a permanent solution for the discoloration or yellow teeth. The stain may come back. So if you have the habit of regular intake of coffee, tea, red wines, etc. then you need to reduce them after the whitening treatment. The teeth whitening prices in Melbourne is affordable, and you need to undergo this process regularly to maintain your smile.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

The cost of teeth whitening in Melbourne depends on various factors such as the type of whitening, duration of the treatment, the experience of your dentist, the location of the dental clinic and more.

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Common Myths about Invisible Braces

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Invisible Braces helps you to gain a beautiful and confident smile, and they are one of the best alternatives to traditional metal braces, ceramic brackets, and wires. The main advantage of using invisible braces is the people around you can’t identify your braces, but in the case of traditional metal braces, it can be identified. Wearing invisible brace can help you to speak and smile confidently in any social gatherings but traditional metal braces can’t. Here a list of common myths about invisible braces is mentioned below.

Myth #1: Invisible Braces are Expensive

Fact: Invisible brace treatment is not expensive. Instead, the severity or complexity of your orthodontic problems affects the cost of invisible braces in Melbourne. Also, the time taken for the treatment can influence the invisible braces cost in Melbourne.  When compared, the cost of both traditional braces and the invisible brace treatment are the same.

Myth #2: Invisible Braces are Less Effective

Fact: Invisible braces works well similar to the traditional braces for simple orthodontic problems. Depending on the severity of the orthodontic problem, the treatment duration varies. The duration of the treatment increases with the increase in the severity of the problem.

Myth #3: Invisible Brace takes Double Time to Straighten the Teeth

Fact: In general, invisible braces take lesser time to solve your dental problem. It may take two years to straighten your teeth with traditional, but the invisible brace is capable of straightening the same condition in 6 to 18 months.

Myth #4: Invisible Braces are only for Kids

Fact: In this modern world, many adults are undergoing invisible brace treatment in Melbourne and gaining positive results. Even though the invisible braces suits best for kids, with the help of the latest technologies and availability of invisible braces, it is quite easy for an adult to wear invisible braces without any compromise. Invisible braces can help you to correct the bite problems that affect your jaw joints, prepare sites for implant treatment, correct the tilted teeth to improve the quality of restorations, etc.

Myth #5: Invisible Braces leads to weak teeth

Fact: Invisible braces help to rearrange your teeth in a better position that could enhance the functional ability of your teeth, and increases their life by improving your oral health. Since the Science of orthodontics is based on the natural tendency of teeth to shift throughout life, invisible braces will not weaken your teeth; instead, it will strengthen your teeth.

Myth #6: No need to take much care

Fact: You need to take more care of your invisible braces since regular intake of coffee, tea or red wines can stain your braces. So after each meal, you must clean your braces to maintain its quality and transparency.

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Wisdom Teeth – The name implies it’s a boon but for someone it doesn’t! The arrival of the wisdom teeth can make you suffer with tender gums, aching teeth and pain. Apart from this, wisdom teeth also cause potential dental problems to your dental health.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the ins and outs of wisdom teeth removal Melbourne by stating what causes wisdom teeth pain and the tips to get instant relief from wisdom teeth pain.

What Causes Wisdom Teeth Pain?

The wisdom teeth pain might be caused by any of the following problems:

Lack of Space:

If there’s not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in, the problem arises. The wisdom teeth become impacted and painful, when your jaw is too small for the wisdom teeth to pop up through properly.

Lack of Hygiene:

Even if your mouth is too large to house the wisdom teeth, there might be a chance for complications. The teeth are flat, which creates periodontal pockets between the teeth and the jaw that are very difficult to clean. Bacteria and plaque can build up in these pockets, leading to tooth decay or gum disease.

Signs and Symptoms – Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, which indicate the wisdom teeth are impacted, you may need to have the teeth out immediately:

  • Infections in the back of the mouth
  • Sharp, & Annoying pain in your gums
  • Tumors or cysts
  • Gum disease
  • Frequent bleeding from back of the mouth

These symptoms indicate it’s the right time to remove your wisdom teeth. Recent statistics found that many patients get nervous about having the wisdom teeth removal surgery, but it’s a relatively short procedure. You can make the wisdom teeth removal process easier and stress free by consulting an experienced wisdom teeth removal specialist in Melbourne.

Tips to Follow After Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery – Pain Relief Tips

  • Use anti-bacterial mouthwash that contains ingredients which will help numb the area, reduce inflammation, and ease the pain a bit.
  • Rinse your mouth with a bit of warm salt water. The salt reduces swelling and has a cleansing effect, and the water can help to remove any food particles.
  • Gently massage the area inside and outside of the mouth with an antibacterial gel. This will reduce pain and gives you a soothing effect.
  • Take a painkiller as prescribed by your dentist; this will help you reduce the pain and help you sleep at night.

On the Final Recap,

There are number of reasons to get the wisdom teeth removed. Having these teeth removed can be a preventative measure that saves you from experiencing painful side effects such as sinus, ear, or jaw pain.

At No Gap Dentists, our Melbourne wisdom teeth removal experts can work with you to schedule a convenient time to have your wisdom teeth removed at their dental practice. Get an appointment today!

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