Check Up Cleaning in Melbourne $99

Check Up Cleaning in Melbourne is ignored by millions due to high costs?
How about paying no more than $99 ?

Teeth Clean

Check Up Cleaning in Melbourne at $99. No Gap Dentists, offers a whole plethora of dental services including the most complex ones at highly affordable rates. Home to a team of seasoned experts from the world of dentistry, No Gap Dentists promises outstanding results and is 100% risk-free.


One Single Price : $99*

 The Treatments Included with this Low Fee are what most people need when visiting the Dentist :

Check Up and Clean – Management of Dental Pain – Tooth Ache – Any Size Fillings – Simple Extractions. 

Good dental health starts with due attention and timely treatment. Thus, every individual needs regular teeth checkup in Melbourne to enjoy maximum oral health. No matter how old you are or what the dental problem is, call us for an appointment and you can benefit from the following features of our exclusive team at No Gap Dentists and Dr Paulo Pinho Team

  • State-of-the-art technology with the latest dental equipment.
  • Honest and friendly patient service.
  • Advanced solutions to treat all kinds of problems.
  • Hygienic environment that makes you feel very comfortable.
  • Personal attention and customised treatment for each and every patient.
  • Flexible payment plans for all treatments.
  • 100% transparency while dealing with the treatment as well as the payment
  • Check up Cleaning melbourne

When you schedule a teeth checkup Melbourne with us, we will ensure that you are completely aware of the entire treatment plan that you will be subjected to. This way, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs and no surprise bills at the end of treatment.


Did you know that teeth cleaning can do more than just protect your pearls?



Professional teeth cleaning Melbourne promises optimal oral hygiene and also prevents other health complications like heart diseases and stroke (can occur due to poor oral health). When you visit us for teeth cleaning services, your chances of being diagnosed for other serious illnesses like gum disease, occurrence of cavities and even oral cancer are high!

If you have been postponing the need for cleaning your teeth since long, call us today. We promise the lowest professional teeth cleaning cost Melbourne  without compromise on the quality of the  service ! Fix your appointment today and show off your sparkling smile in less than 45 minutes!

Not sure about treating your teeth? Book your Check Up Cleaning in Melbourne for $99 Online and find all you need!

Our success rates are unmatched till date!

Australians, both men and women (including children) trust us implicitly for all their dental needs. We serve a huge patient base that come to us with different types of dental problems. They leave the clinic with a satisfactory smile.

Call 1300 320 881 or book online and our team member will be able to help you get the right specialist in no time.


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