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Regular brushing and flossing are obviously two inevitable things that you should do for good oral health. Brushing your teeth every day will remove debris or trapped food particles from your teeth and prevent bacterial growth. This will keep your gums healthy and protect your teeth from periodontal disease or cavities. But there’s one thing that many people usually don’t follow – replacing the toothbrush. Here are 4 important reasons explained by an affordable dentist Melbourne recommends replacing your toothbrush as soon as you recover. It’s not always possible for the toothbrush to reinfect you and cause the same illness, since your body has already developed antibodies to fight the germs. However, your immune system would be weakened by the illness, due to which your body might get infected by different bacteria in the toothbrush. Toothbrushes contain a myriad of bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi. Changing your toothbrush is the right solution to protect your oral and overall health.

You Dropped it Somewhere:

If you dropped your toothbrush on the floor (or even worse, in a bathroom), it will instantly contaminate your toothbrush with bacteria. Some of such bacteria can be harmful as well. Replace your toothbrush immediately, no matter where you drop it.

Gross! your Toothbrush May Have Faecal Bacteria on it.

If you still believe that regular replacement of your toothbrush is not worth it, this should change your mind. According to research, people who share a bathroom will have their toothbrushes contaminated with faecal bacteria. Even worse, the bacteria found on these toothbrushes usually come from someone else using your bathroom!

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