Regular dental check-ups and a proper dental care routine are mostly sufficient for optimal oral health. Added to these measures, following a tooth-friendly diet does not only take care of the teeth but is also good for the overall health of the individual.

A tooth-friendly diet consists of food items that are rich in calcium and devoid of any artificial sweeteners or colouring agents. While teeth whitening services offer everyone a chance to a beautiful smile, being careful about what you eat can help you save substantially on the teeth whitening prices in Melbourne.

Read on to find out the list of food items that must be avoided in order to enjoy a white, beautiful smile.

1. Chocolates, candies and other sweet snacks

Food items that are loaded with sugar enhance the bacterial activity in the mouth as the acid level shoots up. These acids act upon the enamel and cause cavities in the long run. Also, some candies stick onto the teeth firmly and it is pretty hard for the saliva to wash them away.

2. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are the foremost enemy of healthy teeth. If you wish to save up on the teeth whitening cost in Melbourne and flash a white, pearly smile always, it is highly recommended to avoid carbonated drinks to keep the acid levels down and prevent the artificial colouring from affecting the looks of the teeth.

3. Coffee, tea and red wine

Not only do sweetened coffees and red wine raise the acid levels in the mouth but also cause stains on the teeth. When these stains are ignored for a longer time, they become permanent and tarnish the smile of the individual forever. If you are a victim of such stubborn stains already, opt for a teeth whitening service in Melbourne and get back your precious smile.

What should you eat for a healthy smile?

Include the following food items into your diet to protect them from the regular damage that they are subjected to.

  • Milk and milk products like cheese: The protein and calcium in milk products protect the enamel from erosion and strengthen the protective, mineral layer on the surface of the tooth.
  • Sugar-free alternatives: Sugar-free drinks and chewing gum will reduce the damage that may be otherwise caused through the sugary alternatives. Excess sugar is the main cause of cavities and skipping sugar can also improve the overall health of the individual.
  • Citrus fruits: The water content of citrus fruits and their ability to enhance the flow of saliva makes them a suitable candidate for washing away the bacteria.
  • Fibrous vegetables: Low calorie vegetables and fibrous ones like celery and cauliflower act as natural whiteners (but the resultant effect cannot be as good as a professional teeth whitening service in Melbourne) and keep the gums healthy too.
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Through all the coffee chugging and chips chomping, we must take care of our white pearly teeth too. Teeth may be subjected to continuous damage all through the day, but with a strong dental routine and assistance from an affordable dentist in Melbourne, they can be cared for appropriately.

Listed below are some of the common mistakes that one must avoid in order to prolong the looks and life of the natural teeth.

1. Ignoring the significance of flossing

The benefits of flossing regularly are endless. While brushing the teeth twice a day can get rid of the dirt and debris from most parts of the mouth, flossing gets to the inaccessible corners and the gaps between the teeth to clean out the food particles. As a result, bad odor from the decaying food debris and discomfort caused due to some particles caught between the teeth can be avoided.

2. Skipping dental appointment

Some people belief that a dentist in Melbourne is only meant for extraction and whitening of teeth. In reality, a dentist helps to maintain the overall oral health and prevents all secondary complications that arise from bad oral health and hygiene. Schedule half-yearly appointments with the dentist and ensure that there is no trouble waiting for you in the future. Avoid self-medication for dental problems and always opt a good and affordable dentist in Melbourne.

3. Mistreating the tooth brush

The tooth brush is the single most important tool that takes care of the overall health of the mouth. Therefore you must take extra care to choose the right type of tooth brush with bristles that suit the arrangement of the teeth. The brush must be stored in a hygienic place and must be replaced once in 3 months (even lesser if the bristles seem frayed).

4. Ignoring oral health issues

When you feel pain or discomfort in one or more teeth, consult a dentist in Melbourne immediately. Smaller issues when ignored can turn into more complex and painful problems in the future. Also, by attending to issues at the nascent stage you save a lot of money that may have to be otherwise spent on treatment.

5. Loading up on food items that are detrimental to oral health

Food that is acidic can damage the enamel and cause cavities. Some of the commonly consumed acidic items include cold beverages, sugary items, sodas, citrus fruits like lemon and orange and other factors. Experts from the field of general dentistry in Melbourne in fact recommend individuals to wait up for 30 minutes after consumption of anything acidic.

A white, beautiful smile often gives us the courage and strength to face the world. Avoid these common dental mistakes to enjoy great oral health.

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Teeth Whitening has become a great phenomenon!  Everyone is looking for a way to brighten up their teeth and smile like a movie star.  Obviously, who wouldn’t love to have pearly white teeth?  Thanks to the latest techniques of cheap teeth whitening in Melbourne.   People use these techniques to look prettier, confident and youthful.  It can become a perplexing experience to choose from these many teeth whitening products to choose from.  Here we present to you a few ways of whitening up your teeth:

  • Tooth Paste & Mouth Wash for teeth whitening:

It is one of the best ways to whiten the teeth.  It also provides with a fresh and clean breath.  These special toothpastes contain, mild chemicals, which help in eliminating the stains from the surface of the teeth.  The results are not everlasting, but you can maintain the whiteness with a regular use.

  • Teeth Whitening Strips

These strips are thin, and coated with hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel.  When this is applied to the teeth, it makes the teeth white.  These strips are designed in a flexible way to become accustomed to the teeth’s shape.  This will lighten the teeth’s colour up to three shades.  This is proved to be more effective than a teeth whitening toothpaste.

  • Teeth Whitening Gel

This is the best product to convert highly tarnished teeth to white.  This gel when applied for two weeks, twice a day will provide better results.

  • Teeth Whitening Rinses

This is one of newest product available in the market. It acts like a mouthwash and freshens up the breath.  It also helps reduce the gum disease and plaque. The makers say that it will take about 12 weeks to gain a visible result.  This is a very easy procedure, you just have to swish it around your mouth for 60 seconds twice, every day and you are done.

  • Trays for teeth whitening

Your dentist can help you with this regard by making custom trays to fit the teeth.  Peroxide based gels must be filled in this tray and it should be placed over the teeth.  This tray should be worn for at least 30 minutes every day. This method offers a lasting teeth whitening in Melbourne at low cost.

  • Whitening Treatment at the Dental clinic

This is the quickest way to turn the teeth to white but for this you need to have a heavy wallet.  In this procedure, the whitening product is smeared on to the teeth with a combination of laser.  You get ravishing results in a 30 minute procedure.  But, to get spectacular results, you need have several appointments with your dentist.

Not every procedure suits everyone! It has its own limitations and results may vary from person to person.  For best results, you must consult your Dentist in Melbourne.

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Have you ever thought about whitening your teeth and dropped down the idea, considering the expense and the downsides?  You must keep in mind that your smile is the first thing people notice about you.  It is the most important feature! Imagine a situation, where you have to cover your mouth and smile or laugh, you not only embarrass yourself here, but you break your partner’s trust too! Don’t let your confidence to suffer for the sake of a smile!  This could put you at stress and affect your professional & personal life.

Here we present to you some options for teeth whitening in Melbourne

  1. Teeth Whitening

This considered as the top dental procedure in Australia.  The food consumed, drinks, medications & smoking all turns out to be the components for teeth staining.  Even if you undergo a proper dental care at home and have stained teeth, it can be embarrassing without white teeth.  If you are looking out for a faster way to get white teeth, you should visit a dentist.  Most dentists offer effective treatments for teeth whitening at reasonable cost in Melbourne to smile with whiter teeth, like a movie star.

  1. Restoring an affected tooth

A tooth undergoes a lot of mistreatment every day!  Especially, when it munches on chips or meat, the enamel gets affected & gradually the teeth.    To patch this up, either the tooth bonding process or the porcelain crown filling will be of help.  Since, these make a particular tooth white. People usually choose to get their other teeth also white to get evenness in white. The teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are very affordable, enabling a chance for the needy ones.

  1. Veneers

Ever wondered about ‘how celebrities got that perfect white teeth’?  There are chances, that they used Veneers.  These Veneers are very thin and are made out of durable porcelain shells.  The Dentist then, customises that to match the natural teeth.  They can last for many years with a proper care.

However, these procedures can have a negative side too, like any dental procedure.  DIY home products do not work for everyone, they might cause sensitivity, and when crowns or veneers are used, there are chances that it might lead to two-toned teeth.  There are many permanent solutions available in the market but it depends on the willingness of the patients to choose from the complexities and budget.

Finally, the most important of all tips is – eat a healthy diet.  It can help you stay away from gum diseases and tooth decay and maintain your pearly white teeth stay white.  When you miss out certain nutrients, it might increase the chances of developing your gum disease.  When this gum disease becomes severe, it causes a tooth loss.  Eat a lot of veggies and fruits.  Avoid eating food with more sugar content and carbonated beverages, they damage the teeth’s enamel and cause cavities.  You must also try to limit coffee, tea and alcohol, all this will help your teeth stay white.

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Why Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned Regularly?

by on February 12, 2017 | Posted in Teeth

Having discoloured or stained teeth? Can you imagine the way you look when smiling? Check it with a mirror, and I am sure the answer will be “Ugh… I hate my smile”, Right? For a confident and beautiful smile, one should possess a set of orderly teeth that’s white and should not be yellowish or stained. It’s very difficult for people to maintain such white teeth.  There are many dentists offering services on teeth cleaning in Melbourne, which has come as a boon to people who wish to have a bright and shinier teeth.

Let’s have a look at, why we should opt for dental cleaning on a regular basis.

1. Prevention from Gums disease:

Infection caused in the tissues and bones that hold the teeth in place causes Gums disease. It starts off with a stage called Gingivitis, where plaque gets settled around the tooth resulting in swelling in gums and leads to bleeding when we brush. With regular teeth cleaning, this can be identified in beginning initial stages and can be cured.

2. Prevention from oral cancer:

A huge population is dying because of oral cancer, that too at an alarming rate. What makes this extremely dangerous is that, people may not experience any symptoms but still the problem gets too worse. This can be diagnosed only when a dentist examines your mouth. Painless oral cancer checks are done during teeth cleaning and this is completely curable if diagnosed and treated at the initial stages.

3. Preventing tooth loss:

In most cases, people are forced to get their toot removed because they reach out to a dentist only when they experience any symptoms or discomfort, which usually appears at the advanced stages. If tooth cleaning is done regularly, these problems can be identified early and can be cured.

4. Prevention from heart attacks:

When bacteria accumulate in mouth, chances for them getting into the blood stream is higher, which propels the chances of getting heart attacks. If cleaned regularly, the bacteria accumulation will be curbed and the chances of getting heart attack are reduced.

5. Aesthetic value:

Everyone likes to sport a set of pearly white teeth that gives us confidence and makes you look better opposed to having a yellow shade or stained teeth. Regular tooth cleaning will help you remove the stains and yellow patches and will help maintain your shiny white teeth, which is more likeable.

6. Prevention is better than cure:

If we can get the tooth cleaned on a regular basis, the chances for any kind of tooth related problems is very minimal, as the oral hygiene is maintained properly.

Maintaining oral hygiene has become a need more than a want, as lack of it may lead us to quite a lot of health issues. So having a proper oral hygiene will help you avoid the health consequences which are associated with poor oral hygiene. Teeth cleaning in Melbourne are very much cost effective and they help maintain very good oral hygiene. So why wait? Get your teeth cleaned by professional and say bye to those discoloured stained teeth!

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A dental implant is a substitution for the root part of a tooth. An implant appears as a little metal post which is screw or barrel formed and is generally made of titanium. Titanium is the most standard material used in teeth whitening process which have the capacity to attach with living bone and tissue, with no risk of rejection or disturbance.

Disadvantages of dental implants

Disadvantage of Dental implants is that the process takes more time. By far most of patients are content with the outcomes.  In any case, similar to any dental method, there are a couple of disadvantages in spite of the fact that these have a tendency to be uncommon.

Symptoms include:

  • Implant failure
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Cracked or broken implants
  • Poor positioning
  • Over-burdening (an excessive amount of constrain)
  • Injured sinus tissue

On the off chance that you see any of these issues then contact your dental specialist immediately.

Advantages of dental Implants

Initially, there is a high achievement rate with affordable dental implants Melbourne, which is at present around 90 to 95%, by and large. These figures do fluctuate as indicated by which part of the mouth is being treated. The upper jaw is harder to treat than the lower jaw thus this is reflected in the achievement rates. Teeth replaced in the front of the upper jaw appreciate a win rate of 90 to 95%, so very little lower than the general 98%.  The back part of the mouth, both upper and lower jaw has the most reduced achievement rate, coming in at 85 to 95% however this is still high. On the other hand, the front area of the lower jaw appreciates the most elevated achievement rate of all, at 98%.

Advantages of Dental Implant include:

  • Decreases the risk of bone loss
  • Function similar to natural teeth
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t alter your natural teeth structure
  • Fit in well with your natural teeth

Another preferred standpoint is that they don’t move around or are sick fitting when contrasted with dentures. Dentures are a well-known swap for natural teeth however a few people do discover them unbalanced or hard to get used to. In those cases, an implant can be a superior alternative.

How long the dental implants last?

The appropriate answer is for many years! They can last from 15 to 20 years although some can last longer than this. If you get instructions from your dentist and clean and look after your implants, then your implant can keep going for a lifetime.

Dental Implant is the best treatment or option to replace your lost teeth. It gives a natural look and help chewing ability, speech and self- confidence. You can do dental implant treatment with the help of a dentist who is well experienced in dental implant treatment. It will guarantee that you accomplish the best outcomes you can from dental implant method.

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Easy Tips to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

by on January 31, 2017 | Posted in Teeth

They say “face is the index of the mind”. And what makes the face brighter is having a set of pearly white teeth. Having a set of shiny white teeth enhances the personality of a person and also provides a confidence boost. But most people may not possess such white teeth, as it turns yellow or gets stained over time due to various factors. There are many natural ways to get back their charming white teeth. If you’re the one among them to turn your yellowish teeth into pearly white, then teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are much cheaper, to help you whiten your teeth without breaking your budget

But before stepping beyond teeth whitening treatment, here are few natural ways by which, you can whiten your teeth without spending even a single penny

1. Brushing after each meal:

This is the most simple and powerful method. Brushing of teeth should be done each time after a meal. This will remove the food particles that get stuck in the teeth and also the germs that cause discolouring of teeth.

2. Avoid smoking cigarettes:

Smokers are prone to get yellow patches in their teeth, as their enamel gets thinned with continued smoking. They should discontinue smoking to regain their white teeth.

3. Avoid usage of soft drinks and processed foods:

Soft drinks are acidic in nature and while consuming, they erode the whiteness of teeth. Such is the case with processed foods, as the preservatives in them cause damages to the teeth. So these items should be discarded totally from the diet.

4. Avoid usage of coffee:

Coffee causes stains in teeth. So it’s always better to have a check on taking coffee or discard its usage completely. If avoiding is not possible, make sure to drink water after having a cup of coffee, which wipes away the caffeine content that accumulates on the teeth.

5. Usage of antibacterial agents:

Usage of mouthwashes will also help. Mouth should be rinsed using a mix of Hydrogen peroxide and water in equal proportion. This helps in flushing away the bacteria that affects teeth and causes discoloration.

6. Using peel of citrus fruits or ACV:

Orange and lemon peels have qualities that help to whiten the teeth. This needs to be applied over the teeth for getting shiny white teeth. Also, apple sider vinegar which is a natural antibiotic helps removing the stains and also in fighting germs. In both the cases, mouth should be rinsed after application.

7. Usage of coconut oil

Coconut oil pulling can be a best way to whiten your teeth. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil will help in cleaning and protection of the gums.

8. A healthy diet:

Following a healthy diet also plays a major part in maintaining shiny teeth. Foods which are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium etc. needs to be made a part of regular menu, which will help in maintaining healthier teeth.

You can follow these steps to get back your shiny smile naturally. If you’re not happy with the results even after following the above mentioned tips, it’s always a better idea to get help from dentists for teeth whitening treatment. It has been stated that teeth whitening prices in Melbourne are much cheaper, which you can opt for to make your teeth brighter without spending too much.

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Simple Ways to Get Whiter Teeth

by on January 30, 2017 | Posted in dental, Teeth

Are you feeling bad to see your yellow teeth in the mirror? Just think, how others think of your smile… Awkward right! Your teeth not only help to chew and talk, they also give you better feel in front of others. Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures which can help greatly to improve the brightness of your teeth. Most dentists perform tooth whitening treatment which lightens teeth and helps to remove discoloration and stains from your teeth.

Reasons for Yellow Teeth

Sometimes, your teeth will develop with pitting and discoloration without any reason. Other than this some of the reasons for yellow teeth are

  • Consuming coffee, tea and red wine regularly
  • Using tobacco
  • Smoking
  • taking Medications

Teeth whitening process is used to alter the color of the natural tooth enamel and transform the discolored and stained teeth into a brighter one. To have a healthy smile, you can consider teeth whitening treatment done by a well experienced dentist.

Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth Whitening is a simple process that can be done by the dentists. Teeth whitening process workout with teeth that are stained yellow or brown. Formerly undertaking teeth whitening process it is important to have an assessment done by an affordable dentist to determine if your teeth are suitable for undergoing teeth whitening process.

Take advice of a Dentist

Usually your dentist will take the impression of your teeth and prepare a teeth tray which is used to hold the whitening gel on your teeth. This teeth tray will cover your teeth and won’t have any contact with your gums. Your dentist will advise to wear the whitening tray for a particular duration during day or night depending on the concentration of the teeth whitening gel.

You can notice better results within 2 to 4 weeks. After the teeth whitening process is done, regular follow-up visit is always recommended to examine your teeth condition.

Home remedies for Teeth Whitening

As we know, there are a number of teeth whitening process available in the market to enhance your smile. But those teeth whitening process results may vary depending on the option you choose to make your teeth brighten. You can choose some home remedies to get a desired result. You can follow some of the tips given below to achieve brighter smile.

Baking soda with Lemon Juice

Make a thick paste using baking soda and fresh lemon juice or water. Wipe your teeth using a paper towel and make sure saliva does not exist in your mouth. Take a good amount of this paste in your brush and apply it on your teeth. Since lemon is acidic in nature, to avoid the effect of it on your enamel, leave it for 1 minute and rinse your mouth well. If you are using water instead of lemon juice, you can leave it up to 3 minutes then rinse your mouth.

Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda Mixture

Make a mixture using pulp of strawberry, a pinch of sea salt and ½ teaspoon baking soda. Apply this mixture to your teeth and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse your mouth. Do it regularly at night.

While having many remedies for teeth whitening, they are effective only when they are done regularly without fail. If you fail to do it regularly, it may cause very bad effect on your teeth. So it’s recommended to have teeth whitening done by professional dentists. It is considered as safe & effective process and can last for over five years, if done properly.

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Maximum Price for upper and lower arches $4850 

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Our Professional Teeth whitening includes a free consultation

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